Friday, September 10, 2010


You know how people will say that certain riders "really have a big motor?" Well in this case Jeff Haney, aka Slayer, aka Machete, showed up with a really BIG motor. We all thought it was too much motor though, and chipped in paid him off to downsize his ride ...

Yeah, that's more like it Jeff. You're fast enough already. No need for the turbo charger and all that bondo in the doors. Amy Haney, aka Mrs. Slayer, aka Madam Machete, also joined the ride last night - she's (not) seen here, as she's hiding. For some reason we can never get her in a photo with Mr. Machete. How come guys? Big props to Amy for hanging in there for the whole ride. Nice ride!

Here are the various Bastards and Bastardettes preparing for the ride. It was a big group - I counted about 15 - but I could be wrong as anything over 10 requires removal of my cycling shoes, which is tough, since it they have these rachetey things on them that take about 10 minutes to open.

After preparing themselves, riders enter the second stage before the launch and roll out which is affectionately referred to as the "Herding Cats" period.

We were glad to see Marshall was back again after his "Near Epic Adventure" back on September 2. If you will recall Marshall's tubeless tire/wheel combo exploded killing three nearby squirrels and a woodchuck. This week Marshall selected a bike with a tire/wheel combo that could handle his favored 185 lbs. of rolling pressure.

You can see that Marshall is really enjoying himself this week. No mud and no ...

... exploding wheel. Yeah, that looks like a keeper, Marshall!

It was a a pretty big group, and from this angle it looks like it's a Bissell Team ride, but that certainly wasn't the case. As you can see on the left that Angry John joined in the fun. It was nice to have him with us, especially later, over beers in the lot when he shared some of sincere Christian fellowship. You know, the way only Angry John can. Fuck'an'eh!

Here's the group getting wound up for the final blast that starts just on the other side of the upcoming intersection. From Belding (8 Mile) to 6 mile, it's go time girls and boys!

On a side note, Bob H and Jeff H, (no relation) did some serious cycling-buddy-bonding during the ride, as seen below. They're like two bothers really (though they aren't related). Exactly like two brothers if you consider that one of them is a Parole Officer and the other is Serial Sex Offender. You guess which one is which, okay?

In addition to spending some quality time with his new best buddy Jeff H, aka Slayer, aka Machete, Bob was also was showing off his new love for our neighbor to the north by rocking these sweet socks. What can those Maple Leaf's really mean Bob? Guess he just digs the smell of Back Bacon sizzling the frying pan in the morning.

Again, the cycling buddy bonding never stopped. Can you guess which head belongs to who? Put your best guess in the comments section. As I understand it the winner will get a new house! Yeah, a new house! We just haven't decided whose it will be yet.

The next part of the quiz asks: just what in the hell does this look like:

a) Stalactites
b) Stalagmites
c) Throat polyps
d) Tea-bags

The winner with the correct answer to this will actually get kicked out of the gang.

Wish I could remember everybody that made the ride: Scott, CD, Amy H, Marshall, Flying Bats (who kicked everybody's butt on a mountain bike), Werdy, John O (Angry John) Bob Hughes, Slayer, Larry Strayhorn (Big Kahuna), The Guy Who Bought Farmer's BH, and on and on. Sorry if I didn't get you. Next time.

Have a good weekend at the 'cross clinic on the East Side, racing here, or whatever.

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