Thursday, September 2, 2010


Staring out the window, wondering: to ride or not to ride? That's a stupid question.

Before making lame promises about riding in the rain tonight, let me start by apologizing to Lee for not being there for practice last night. I had bailed on the idea thinking that it it was going to rain, and that the rain earlier in the day had made the ground too soft for practice. Lee, you were seen leaving the Park, cursing my name and shaking your fist in the air, furiously pedaling your Redline at speeds Sven Nys would be proud of. Sorry about that Lee, I promise I won't do it again, unless of course, I do it again.

Taking a quick spin, later than the appointed practice hour, I discovered that the ground wasn't wet, or soft, but was in fact pretty damn hard and capable of resting the impact of a full metal jacket at point blank range. On my way back to the Cross Barn after a short test, I was tracked down by a car with two occupants, who turned out to be a young couple that was seeking CROSS GUIDANCE, and THE WAY over the barriers. So, I grabbed a handful of collapsable barrier and had a mini-practice after all.

Tonight I'm thinking that I will take the D bike, which is the back-up bike for the back-up bike to the B bike and taking a spin out of Townsend at the appointed hour.

Anybody feel like giving it a try? Remember, mud washes off. And a good muddy ride is good practice ...


  1. Rolling at 6 - we can wait. The Farmers are coming, the Farmers are coming!