Saturday, September 25, 2010


Just a few of the Bastards that came out for a rare Saturday practice, (no racing in the state, you gotta keep the edge on somehow) in the lot talking about how awesome they are.

Cupcake has her back to the camera, secure in her awesomeness, as usual. To the right we have Kim T, tuning up for a trip out West to do some awesome racing (and hoping her unawesome wheel-and-tire bad ju-ju is finally over). The Casual Man, Lee, is casually, and awesomely reclining on his bike, pondering his tall awesomeness while Patrick making a mental list of all the awesome and expensive crap that just fell off his bike. And of course, there's Werdy. He's waiting to stuff the body of the only guy at practice that wasn't awesome, and couldn't do the dismounts and remounts the way we told him to, into the open trunk next to him. Don't worry they'll never find him. We wrapped the body in CAUTION tape and threw him in the river. That stuff sinks, doesn't it? I know it never degrades. Same thing, right?

New guy, Chris, taking some barriers at speed. Thanks-be for PVC barriers! Without them the Bastard Blood would have been flowing today.

Werdy is so fast that the camera wasn't quick enough to catch him without a blur. Yeah, he's like Superman only without the cape. Of course he does have a cape. It's for making "special deliveries," he says.

Cupcake is truly amazing! Yes, but she's also just riding the maze. with style and grace. Grace is catching up. Cupcake dropped her ass a half-a-lap ago.

When is awesomeness not enough? When it all goes pear shaped, that's when. Lee is collecting himself after a "dismounting" induced incident. Yeah he crashed. Werdy is showing him how he got the crash wrong. "Like this, hand in the air, ass on the ground! Chicks dig crashing!"

Practice is over. Panting like dogs. Thinking about beers. This photo is about as close to not-safe-for-work as you can get for a shot of people with their clothes still on. JZ Jeff, on the left, wanted to race for PINKS, but none of the Real Women Try Team made it out.

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  1. wish i could have come out... had to work unfortunately... bummer. Will likely make it out wednesday and tues or thurs.

    Looks like you all had a good time, and i am sure that it was a nice course!!! We'll keep the bodies in the river under wraps!

    adam m