Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Before I start blathering about how awesome the ride was last night, please let me know if any of you would like to practice tonight. We've got a call from some of our friends in Holland, and they are planning on coming up, and maybe a few people here, but if the numbers are sufficient, I may just bag it and take a night off and get on with important after-hour business - like gluing tires.

We had anywhere from 14 to 16 on hand last night. Nice ride - temperatures were warm at the start and chilled considerably. Killer Kougar, Amy H (Muejer de Machete) JZ Jeff, Angry John, Flying Bats, Tom Link and a cast of, well, maybe ten more were out slaying some beautiful country roads. By the way - you needed lights for the end of the ride last night, so time to lamp up!

In these photos you can see what it looks like as you're being dropped from the ride.

Yeah, there they go. I had to stop and wrap a shawl around my cold knees anyway.

Happily, I arrive home to find a couple of these waiting for me. Yeah I was stretching tires at midnight (that's how long it took me to finish the ride) and the glue will be going on later tonight. Please let me know as soon as you can about Practice. I'll need to let the Holland Bastards know as soon as possible.

Also remember that the Light & Motion crew will be out on Thursday with goodies. Be there!


  1. Surly

    I was planning on practice tonight but can easily just do my own thing.

    Go ahead and take the night off and glue some tires. Nice Fangos!


  2. I think we'll have practice - same place as Saturday - I'm getting some requests this morning. Be there!!!!

  3. Friggin dogs - small or old I was still figuring as long as I wasnt last I wouldnt get eaten! Thanks to Amy for scaring them with that crazy Linda Blair voice! Great ride last night...thanks for pulling! Im out for tonight. Would consider saturday though. Killer

  4. The tires look great. Did you get those from Tree Fort, or somewhere else? I can't make it tonight -- have fun.