Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here's how you remember the ride leaves at 6. One hand, or leg straight up, the other hand, or leg, straight down. It's simple! And fun! Try it yourself!

Just to remind everyone that tonight's ride (Thursday 09.16.10) is supposed to leave the station at 6 pm. On Tuesday we had people showing up for 6 p.m. roll-outs (correct), 6:30 p.m. roll-outs (wrong), and even one person who thought, or had heard (yeah right) that we roll-out at 6:45 p.m (wronger). No, it's 6 p.m. for the next week or so, when the light gets so low that we need lights and then we'll change it to 6:30.

Practice Report 9.15.10: Had a lot of people at practice. Thanks to everybody who helped set up and tear down. Very interesting course. Some new people got hooked on it, I think. Was a lot of fun. Check it out next week if you need to brush up some skills and get a little cross on during the mid-week lull.

There's was a literally a gaggle of riders out for dirt road fun on Tuesday. In this photo we can only see a half-a-gaggle at most. I need a wide-angle gaggler lens, I guess.

Tuesday's ride was a big one with a whole gaggle of people. Some new some old. We kept it together pretty well until we got near the barn. If you heard that this is just a hammer-fiesta, you're wrong.

Cupcake, looking real cupcakey before the ride.

The always photogenic Redline Bastard. Hey look over here, will'ya?

After missing photos of JZ Jeff, aka Redline Bastard, aka Z-Man because of a dead camera, and lousy photography skills over the past few weeks I finally got one.

Yeah, I'm thinking pilates. That's why he's so fast!

After the ride Tony does some stretching. Or is he trying to tell us what time it is? I'm thinking it's eaither 4 o'clock or 9:30.

Machete and beverage. Muejer de Machete is lurking in the background.

The only known photograph of the Machetes together.

The ride's over. Beer time. Nice shit in the back of the Grandpa Van, too, ya old idiot.

I owe this photo to Machete, aka Slayer, aka Jeff H. He said we needed it because there are never any photos of me in these stupid reports. Now you see why. Thanks for the beer JZ / Redline Bastard. It was dirt-ridalicious.

See you tonight. But I can't remember what time we roll ... oh wait let me lift my leg. Yeah, 6!


  1. I'm locked in a room with no windows today. Is it raining? Should I care? I think not.

  2. looks as though Angry John & I will attend tonights mud festivities... Rock'n the single speed just to keep from mess'n up the "A" bike... A=Only...

  3. I'm bringing the D bike. Waaaaaaaaah! I feel like such a 'cross pig. But what the hell, most guy's front wheels cost three times as much as the whole bike. See you mudders later ...