Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It's only two weeks in a row, but it seems like there is now a permanent rain cloud stationed over Grattan, doesn't it? I don't know about you, but while I don't mind getting wet after I start riding, starting in a downpour just kinda sucks in my book. So if mother nature insists on pissing on us every Wednesday, well it's time to fight back.

The first weapon that comes to mind is the rain-roof bike. Combined with color coordinated fenders this thing is as dry as a martini at the Chop House and twice as much fun to boot. The downside is the non-aerodynamic qualities of this rig-a-pig. I believe that Trek and Armstrong tested this as a TT option and graded it a complete NO-GO.

The perfect compromise of both protection from rain drops, yet a design that slips through the wind with ease, is pictured above. Yes you can look for me blasting to the front in this semi-wearable-bike. Of course it will be sporting the red-white-black livery of my team. I'd rather stay home than wear a blue kit. Take that you mean 'mother!

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  1. Not raining now, but it will come back. I'm taking yet another rain check this week even though I have a credit to use. Besides I can't find my aero rain suit (endorsed by Lance himself), I know I stashed it somewhere....