Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Running from the killer swan. Photo by Werdy

Yes, mother nature can be angry sometimes. And nothing expresses that anger quite like a swan guarding its brood (hidden in the weeds). This big male was on high alert near the end of Ashley Judd Road. He refused to move from this spot, except for short attacks on us.

Face to face with the monster

The big guy also had a few choice words for our group that consisted of Werdy One, Patrick D, Redline Bastard and myself. If you can read swan lips you'll see he's saying something like,"so you losers are back, huh? First Bastard ride of the year, huh? Well here's some news, I'm the boss out here now so watch your step, or your pedals, or I'll be chew the tire off those stupid looking things you're riding, Got it?"

That seat you're riding look delicious.

Here's another interesting "beast" that we encountered on the ride last night. He wasn't as hostile as the swan, but gave us a kind of questioning look. Embarrassing really. We're guessing he was owned by some kind of devil-worshiping fraternity.


And just we you'd think we'd seen it all, well we hand't. Suddenly there was this stupid thing sitting in the road around Brown Lake.

We'll it was a wonderful ride, great weather, and no rain until we were safely tucked in with some beers and carp at the Honey Creek. Maybe we'll do this again next week. Great to be rolling on the dirt again and getting close to good old mother nature.


  1. Animal kingdom!!! Where the hell is Jack Hannah and his wild animal facts???

    Almost had a golden retriever puppy (if you can call an 80 pound dog a pup) almost take out Redline Bastard as well. I got'em with a squirt of the water bottle when he got close.

    Sweet night for a ride.

  2. Forgot about that damn dog. He should have been in here too. I'll see if I can find a pic and an interview.

  3. Nice post, great night for ride and most excellent conditions.

    When I scooted by the goose I thought I heard him say something like Aflac, but I think what he was really trying to say was that you better be insured if you want to tangle with me. I'll mess you up.

    Surly, thanks for the beer at the Honey Creek and the ride home. It will be my turn next time. And I don’t think I’ll be wear my grubby riding attire in the H.C. any time soon again, I sure cleared that bar out in hurry.

    Sweet pace by Patrick D. and Mr. Werdy, I know Surly was saving it for Grattan tonight. How did you do?