Friday, June 4, 2010


Just to let the 2.5 people who check in here every month know, the 100 Grand Bicycle Tour is tomorrow, Saturday June 5th. Until I became aware of the fine machinations of the Rapid Wheelmen bicycle club, I always assumed that the 100 Grand was just a delicious candy bar. But not so. It is also a delicious bike tour that's been going on forever, though I could be incorrect about forever. I don't know if that's an Evolutionary Forever, or a Biblical Forever, but my guess it's been around a little after the advent of the bicycle. Below you'll see the Tour originator Mr. Grand Rapid, on his "Wheel" about to roll out for the first club century. Well maybe the last century.

As bicycle design developed, but before high-speed carbon bikes and new-fangled aero-bars , the 100 Grand was a romantic frolic on two-wheels, with lots of singing and bowler wearing involved. While there's still some of that today, hardly anyone does this kind of thing anymore (below). Sitting on aero-bars would make me sing off-key, how about you? But maybe not Katherine Ross. She was such a great actress in her day.

Kidding aside, here's the real thing. I'm going to be there (like that's an inducement to ride) and I promise not to yell at anybody. Even if they jerk their bike out in front of me to sprint for some of the delicious food that will be offered all along the various routes.

If you'd like more info  you can visit the Rapid Wheelmen website, or go directly to the 100 Grand info by this address. I'm assuming you can do all that if you're reading this right now.

Here's some other helpful where, when, what stuff,  like where it starts and where you can register, and what you can ride:

West Side Christian School 955 Westend Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI  49504

The BEST food. Scenic, low-traffic roads.  Friendly, helpful SAG.  17, 35, 65, and 105 mile options. 
  Registration opens at 7:00 am, the course (I guess that's the road) opens at 8 am.

Thankfully the 100 Grand is run by responsible people, unlike me, so the chances of you running into a gaggle of riders that looks anything like this (below) is extremely unlikely. See you there!


  1. C you there Surly.

    You not yelling at anyone... for some reason I find that hard to believe!

  2. I did not even see you there and I could hear you behind me shouting out to the very inexperieced rec cyclists. It was a good day. Most of the PH riders did the 100k but there were 4 hardy ones that did the whole 106mi. Great day no rain and just enough sun. If i could just get that guy out of my ear it would have been perfect! Gone to Austria for a couple of weeks. See ya all later. Oh by the way, the 100 grand bars got real messy!

  3. Me yelling? Yeah. It was a great day for a ride though, almost wished I was on a bike. Simple is still out there riding. the Bastard. The 100K is damn near perfect as a ride. The 106 miler .. I dunno. Have fun in Austria. Do you speak Austrian? ha-ha. Lets do some dirt and beers when you get back. Simple should be done with his ride by then.


  4. 115 miles... piece of cake! Good day to be out on the bike. Bit of a wind out of the SW coming back from Grant, but was fun on the ride out. Rode back to Home Base after blasting past a few wayward Tri-guys on Peach Ridge and had one guy go "whoa, Dude!" as he struggled up one of the rollers and went past him "dancing on the pedals" as Phil would say.

    Give my Kudos to Kim for a wonderful event! When are we doing the dirt ride? Let's make it happen!

  5. The Blogging Service is back. I'll have a new post tonight.