Monday, June 28, 2010

Dirt Roads

Tuesday @ 6? Same bat place? Anyone in?


  1. Thanks for posting this up, Werd. I'd be there but for something else I've got to do this Tuesday. Hopefully the rest of the Bastards will be there. I think Tuesday's great for the regular day. I think Redline, Patrick will probably be there. Still a chance I might make it. Hope so ...

  2. Sorry, but I have to bail on tomorrow. I can do Thursday if anyone is interested.

  3. Road biking it tonight. I’ll be practicing my pack animal (Dingo’s) tactics with the Ada crowd. With the low humidity and cool temps I just may have to try the Wednesday night madness at the raceway.

    I ‘m not concerned with the last lap sprint; I’ll be dropped long before then. It’s Surly and his mid-evil nun chucks that worry me the most. I talking about the steel pipe with the attached chain and studded iron ball that he swings at recreational riders that’s keeping me up at night.

    I’ll be looking for you Surly, unless I get stuck working out of town.