Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Aaaaah. I'm ready to see this sign again. How about next week Thursday? Sounds like I'm not the only one ready to get off the road and single track and onto some quiet farm roads for a little 'cross-touring. It's always fun, and always an adventure, isn't it? Ride long enough and far enough into the countryside and you're bound to find something strange waiting for you up in them 'thar Michigan hills.
See that cloud of dust up the road? Wonder what could be waiting for us up there? Who knows until you get close enough to see it is either a truck in a hurry ...

... or our favorite back-woods meth-lab messengers on their way to work. Yeah, there's Crazy Bastards, and then there's Cycle-Crazies. Now who wants to join that gang? I think they meet up somewhere on Nugent at about 4 a.m. if you're interested.

Speaking of cycle-crazy, I'm not sure about this statement. Being smug about riding a tandem is like be proud of being the Lawn Jart Champion of Riverside Drive. It's cool, just don't tell anybody. By the way I don't think a bicycle was meant to be ridden by two people, doing it hard or not. And two guys riding tandems in full team kits doesn't look right to me, but then I may just be old fashioned, or tandenphobic. Women yes, couples yes, fathers or mothers with kids are okay too. The only guy/guy tandems that look okay to me are either in a parade, a festival, or look something like this:

Now these bad boys can ride with us anytime. Nice stoker you've got there mate. Mind taking a pull past the meth lab? I'm sure the pit bull will love you. What kind of body spray are you using? Dead Meerkat?

But if we keep riding long enough, maybe we'll leave the Cycle-Crazies, and the tandems all behind us. When we've gone far enough and we see an end of pavement sign like this, at the edge of the desert and at the foot of the mountains, who knows what will be waiting at the end of that particular dirt road?

Hopefully something like this. Hey where's your bike Milla? Let's work out a day and time next week. I'm thinking same CB rally point, 6 p.m. What say you? And pencil in time for some cold ones.


  1. Thursday....Tuesday...either looks do-able next week. Gotta mount up some CX tires!

  2. Tuesday is better than Thursday for me. But, if Milla is only there on Thursday, then that's the day for me.

  3. Milla will there on Tuesday but her favorite knife will be still be at the
    sharpeners so she'll only have an axe and some guns. Tuesday sounds good to me. And I'll drive that tanker if you don't mind.


  4. Next Tuesday is it then gentlemen, and ladies. I'm tuning up (scrapping the dried mud off the down tube and maybe oiling the chain) of my old road warrior, the Kona Bastard. I've been thinking about upgrading my hack with a new frame and stuff, but I haven't been able to do it ... I love that old piece of junk. Until it breaks down on me, then I'm hurling it in the ditch. Piece of junk!