Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet the TT Twins!

After seeing so many Time Trial Specialists and Triathaletes (hey you're a pretty good bike handler for a triathalete!) at the 100 Grand on Saturday I just can't wait for tonight's time trial in Ada. In preparation for the TT I've gotten a new bike and hired two helpers (looky-looky above) to launch me to another promising, yet ultimately disappointing non-record breaking effort. The helper on the left is Ms. Time, and you've probably guessed it already, the helper on the right is Ms. Trial. Wish me luck, not that it matters. (We missed Duck Lake because we were practicing bike holding and didn't have it perfected just yet - Ms. Trial won't let go of the seat post (yeah  that's a seat post Ms. T) until you slip her a C-Note - strange girl, she's from Russia you know). See all you fellow TTers in your loungers in the parking lot!

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