Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I don't know him...but I like his style.

Just perusing the results from the Hansen Hills XC race over the weekend. Someone out there has a pretty good sense of humor. Apparantly he may be a ladies man as well. Ms. Time and Ms. Trial from yesterdays post might be impressed and move from the road over to the off road side. Check the winners name....

Sport Clydesdale
1 783 Richard Enormass 01:44:00:00
2 782 Chris Mensing 01:56:00:00
3 780 Robert Stoner 01:57:00:00
4 788 Aaron Maikt 01:59:40:00
5 786 Dave Vaccaro 02:00:00:00
6 785 Steve Coykendall 02:04:39:00
7 781 Fredrick Smith 02:07:42:00
8 784 Ben Nash 02:10:06:00
9 787 Jeff Fox 02:18:30:00

I was thinking I was kinda bored with using the same name over and over at last years CX events. It's time to start thinking about what to put on the post for the fall races. Bastard names...top gun names...lots of options methinks.

Is it cross season yet? How soon can we get a dirt road ride together...next week?


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