Thursday, June 3, 2010


Thankfully the rain stayed away from Grattan last night. Unfortunately, instead of rain, we were given 24 mind-numbing laps to ride before the "The Sprinting Salmon" made their final run to the finish. 24 laps are nothing like an episode of the old 24.  For most of the 24 laps you are not on the edge of your seat of with excitement, you're just pinching yourself to stay awake. It's nothing like  watching Jack do fun stuff like this (below).  Although I did find myself yelling "PUT THE GUN DOWN! PUT THE GUN DOWN! several times last night, for apparently no reason at all. Well maybe not ...

As happens several times a season (at Grattan, not 24) the As will ride all over the Bs on the Bs final, sprint lap. This is unfortunate because it happens just when the B Salmon are grouped together and starting their spasmatic pre-spawning run wiggling. Last night this happened right next to the As, (kinda embarrassing) and it indeed looked like the two groups were just mating like fish on a tarmac river (even more embarrassing). But to jump back to 24 terms, it was more like the As were choking the crap out of us, trying to find out where the nuclear detonator was, or maybe where we were hiding all the recovery drinks for after the race. 

This is what it looks like when the As choke the Bs in the final lap. You just hope Jack leaves you alone and doesn't use any power tools or sharp carbon fiber wheels on you. "TELL ME WHERE THE ENDUROX IS OR I WILL KILL YOU!"

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