Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Let's get the band back together and save the farm. Who's in? I don't know if we've decided on meeting at Townsend or at Jeff's cross crib? I'm thinking that meeting tonight at Townsend would be easiert, and next we at Jeff's ... unless everyone knows how to make it to Jeff's. PLEASE POST!


  1. Planning on it. Might be rolling the SS CX bike as the geared bike is in need of a tire and wheel swap to be dirt road ready.

  2. Should be fine, don't plan on killing it at all so by all means rock the SS. Where would you like to meet?

  3. I'm in slightly injured @ Townsend around 6ish. Rain or shine?

    I like the fire...

  4. I hope you're not offended we're not launching from your place. Or are you really injured. See you there, buy you a beer.

    Fire! Fire!

  5. What's the weather report for tonight? Anybody know?

  6. No problem, just a little twist to the ankle, I should learn how to walk one of these days.

    I wasn't sure how busy the park is this time of year or if we should be drinking and carry on in the day light. Shouldn't be a problem today.

    Also, its nice to ride into the lake after doing a long spin on a scorching hot day...fire. But, I got a feeling we are going to get a little wet anyway.

    I'll be pedaling over.

  7. Sorry to miss the ride tonight. Just tapering down for this weekend's LJ100. Should be good to roll (assuming I can get back on the bike and finish the damn thing in one piece) next week.

    Hopefully ya'll stayed dry and had a good time. I still gotta get the brakes re-adjusted after my Barry-Roubaix accident. CX season is right around the corner, too. I've got new tubular wheels... now I just need to find some tires and figure out how to glue them on before September!

    Oh.. and I like the flames... even the white more so then the red. But, I'm not a big fan of the stars/stripes. Seems too "patriotic" for a bunch of grumpy SOB's who have difficulty recognizing each other without ski parkas, face shields, and a spot light attached to our helmets. (For example I ran into Jeff Z at the 100 grand 2 weeks ago. I knew I knew him.. but couldn't figure out where from until he posted up about the tandem! Then it clicked.)

    -Slow, yet still Simple....

  8. Simple,

    Don't wait too long after LJ to buy those tubies. The closer we get to CX season the harder it'll be to find those suckers.

    Don't forget the glue as well....unless you're having someone else glue them on. Sniff sniff....ahhhhhh :-)