Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grattan Report & Bastard Ride Tonight?

Not too many laps into the race last night and a guy that looked just like this was sitting on the side of the track, broken bike at his feet and blood pouring down his face like an unstoppable red stream. I hope he's okay, but the ambulance had to take him away. He was out of the A's, and I'm not sure what team he was on. Like I say, I hope he's okay, but it didn't look good. He sat there for a few laps until the ambulance arrived. I think he brought a little more focus to the B's and we managed to get home without incident.

On a happier and safer note I heard through the cycling grapevine that there was indeed a Bastard ride on Tuesday, though there was no report on this blog about their exploits. I had an appointment for a sex change and some tattoo work and was unable to make it so I have no idea what went on.  Though I have to say that as a result of all "work" I had done (see below) I'll now be able to race in Cat 4 Women's races this fall. I thought this was a lot easier than just getting a downgrade to Cat 5 Men, though it did hurt a lot more than I expected. I'm putting a cut-out seat on my bike for tonight's ride.

Hopefully we'll be seeing some regular Bastards making the rides - either tonight or on Tuesday. Here's a photo from last year, when men were still men. Well, these guys are all still men from what I hear. They sure look manly here, don't they?

 And hopefully they'll be more of this, as well, which is so manly and Bastardly I'm having to reach for some depilatory right now, just looking at it.

But just in case there's nobody to ride with tonight, I'm bringing my BBFF, or BF2, which stands for Best Bitch Friend Forever, pictured below. Yeah, she's ready to ride, and she's fixed, too!


  1. Surly

    There twas a ride on Tuesday night. Me-self the Werdy one, Green Kona Scott, and 2 other RW peeps took to the big loop. North up Nugent first, then over and down Ashely and accross 3 mile.

    Roads are hard and fast in areas. You will find a lot of loose sand and gravel over a lot of it. Just enough to sap some energy out of your legs.

    I had plans on rolling the dirt tonight...fat tire style. Luton Park if anyone is interested.


  2. Guess I am going to hit the single track myself tonight. Betty said it's easier running trails than hitting the road on that damn trike. Maybe I'll see you at Luton or Game Area.

  3. Nice post. Tandem riding with the better half tonight, enjoy the trails.

  4. Damn, just what I need, more competion in Cat4. Bet you'll look better in a skirt than me too.