Monday, January 11, 2010


This year I just can't seem to shake this stinking Abominable Snowman theme. Wonder why. As I prepare for tomorrow and Thursday's frigid and icy experiences, and no I'm not talking about when you were married, crazy ideas for new and strange warming devices, like delivery pizza chest warmers, pouring hot grazy in my boots, and other accoutrements, like studded tires made out of ice-picks and barbed wire, all start coming to mind. It's like this winter riding thing has turned my brain into some kind of weird laboratory run by a mad scientist that looks a lot like Peter Cushing. So if I see Peter Cushing in the parking lot tomorrow night, drinking beer, riding around on a winter Frankenbike made out of parts from a Surly Long Haul Trucker, a Klein MTB and a Cervelo TT Bike, I'll know the end is near. Also rumor has MC Hammer will be in the house Thursday, if by house you mean a dark dirt road covered with ice.


  1. Won't have a frankenbike for the Bumble to get.. but I will be there with the SS rocked and ready to roll. Just gotta throw a little spit, er lube, on the chain to knock some rust off of it and she's ready to go! See you in the lot.

  2. I'm planning on making it. Had some ideas for "lubricating and cleaning" you chain but decided to keep it to myself. Be glad.

  3. Thanks for the great new stay warm tips; I have one more idea to pass on. Instead of pouring hot gravy in my boots, I’ve taken the little hand/toe warmers and cut open the packets and emptied the contents directly into my socks. Not only do my feet stay nice and toasty all night long, but I can also smoke road kill in my boots after the ride. Hold the gravy please…

    I’m liking this warming trend and definitely planning on riding tonight.


  4. Unfortunately not riding tonight.. planning on thursday... figure it will nice & soupy by then...

    have to ski tonight while there is still snow...

    sorry you Bastards!!!

  5. I don't want to have to worry about bringing a biohazard bag with me to tonights ride to "clean" the chain.