Wednesday, January 13, 2010


New Crazy Bastard Winter Mitts
by Redline Bastard

While last night's ride was an enjoyable one, I am sad to report there has been some fallout from some comments that may or may not have been said or may have or may have not been overheard by members of the "other" ride that now launches from the same lot, at the same time, riding the same routes, and stopping at the same bar after the ride, as we do.

I received a call from an attorney representing the "other" group ride this morning claiming that a member of our group was "confrontational" and "threatening." I can't tell you how disturbing receiving this news was especially since I had not had my morning coffee and was not in a very good mood to start with. I tried to explain that while there may have been a few jokes made while riding out, they weren't meant to be heard, and there was nothing confrontational, and certainly no threatening gestures made. If anyone was offended by my own, sometimes surly and sarcastic sense of humor, I do apologize, and assure everyone those comments shouldn't be taken seriously.

The attorney pointed out that members of the group were older gentlemen and that it wasn't their fault that they ride mountain bikes. Neither of those points made much sense, but then again, I am not an attorney. The reference to old age did hit however a nerve however. I have just recently turned 58 years of age. As I enter my golden years the prospect of being mugged by some young "thug" on a dark and snowy night, in the middle-of-nowhere, isn't very appealing. Thankfully, I've never seen a young thug on any of these rides, except for the those at the Meth Lab that come out screaming at us.

I plan to contact members of the other group directly, apologize, and assure them that they and the other riders need not fear for their lives or well being. I also plan to tell them that they are not being discriminated against because they are almost as old as I am, or because they ride mountain bikes.

On another note, Redline Bastard has hand-crafted some really sweet winter riding mitts (pictured above) that not only keep your fingers toasty- warm but will probably protect your knuckles should you happen to get into a brawl with other senior citizens.

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