Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Evening both Sad and Superb

Four Bastards showed up to ride tonight: Kim, Tony, Jeff Z, and me, along with a bunch of mountain bikers. Here comes the sad part: there were more mountain bikers than bastards! We started together (here comes the sadder part) until we got dropped by the MBers! WTH! We chased them up Tiffany to 7-mile where we lost 'em (or they lost us). Which was OK, because that's where the evening turned superb. We took 7-mile out to Ashley then Jeff suggest we continue on out to Montcalm. Wise choice as the road was beautiful and the traffic nil. We headed south on Montcalm to 4-mile and then turned west to come home. Finished the ride with just over 25 miles.

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