Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Luckily nobody ended up like this last night, though it was on all our minds as we once again rolled out over glare, polished, ice-covered roads. I'm sick of it, really. The temperature was great, which made it all the worse. I think there were five of us, but I can't remember exactly. Maybe I did fall on my head. After a few miles of white-knuckle riding (and whimpering), we opted for the pavement in put in about and hour and a half of riding on the dreaded pavement.

The OTHER RIDE was out last night, too. We let them know it might be be treacherous, and they, like us, made a few alteration in course to by-pass well-known danger spots.

Back at the HC, along with Simple, we again crossed paths with the OTHER RIDE (I wish they'd come up with a name) and got their post ride story, or in this case post-mortem. While nobody in their group ended up in plaster, it seemed there were plenty of falls (3), but thankfully the only fracture was to a rear-derailler hanger. I guess they towed the guy home. I would have like to have seen that, considering you couldn't stay upright on your own.

Anyway, unless it thaws, or snows, we're screwed and we're going to have to ride on the f-ing road. How's that for a ride report?


  1. You probably won't want to hear then about my last three days with 2.5-3 hour rides in sunshine and 68 degrees in fine Charleston, SC weather....

  2. Looking forward to Thursday's ride... Another mild excursion along the mostly paved areas of Bastard Land. Will be out there and ready to roll by go time.

    Jeff Z, the stud on the studs, looked to be handling his bike pretty well on the slick stuff last night. Even got a couple of sparks coming off his rear wheel while we hit the pavement. Pretty cool looking if you were behind him.

  3. I have a late meeting but should be back in time to roll. I'm bringing some gears tonight anticipating a bit more road. Maybe we should call Jeff Z "Sparks"?

  4. No ride for me tonight, I'm on kid duty. Enjoy the ride!

  5. I’m glad the Ice Capades didn’t turn into the Nut Cracker for you non-studs.

    Ice is really not an issue when you’re spinning cheap China iron, but they’re not recommended for highway use. I was throwing more sparks than an old Zippo pocket lighter. I actually burned my rear fender off trying to draft off of Dave & Tony.

    I finally retreated east up Hart and pedaled past Grattan Raceway. I jumped back into the ice on Farmbrook.

    I’m going to take a break tonight and hope for some better road conditions next week.