Thursday, January 7, 2010

Any one riding tonight?

Curious if anyone is riding tonight...?
If so, what where the conditions last Tuesday????
traction or icy? Have my single speed built up, & looking to ride, but might have to switch some tires over...
currently has a small block 8 on the back...


  1. Would love to ride and avenge myself of the mountain bikers, but I will be dining and drinking at Schnitz's deli instead. Enjoy your ride, looking forward to see you the bat fly on a SS.

  2. I'm in and I'll be spinning steel again tonight. Snowcross is just around the corner.

    Conditions were excellent Tuesday night with mild temps and decent traction.

  3. I'm in. I think there is a RW funtion tonight so might be a light crowd.
    Roads were in good condition Tues., I had no problems with the tires I was running which have very moderate knobbies.

  4. There's so much crap on the road right now - ice, snow, slush, boogers, dead baby seals, and the bodies of those guys on MTBs that I ran over with the Half-Track I got for X-mas, I don't think that will matter what tires you roll. As long as they aren't white. Because then they'd get stained with all that blood and stuff.

    T Berger 2 - are you saying the RW function is a light crowd?

    I'm charging batteries. Just hope I can make the drive!