Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I clawed my way over to Townsend Park last night while battling a strong westerly wind. My studded tires once again shredded the frozen ground like a John Deere Road Grader on steroids.

As expected, I arrived only to be greeted by the mountain bikers. There where just too many heads to count, some where in the number of eight to ten with even a couple of first timers in their ranks. I was invited to tag along, but I did have to endure a little smack talking. I heard one of them say "maybe the World Famous Crazy Bastards change their start time or location or both, chuckle, chuckle."

Little did they know that we are no longer the Crazy Bastards, but we are now the Top Gun Crazy Bastards and Rauol was home calibrating his joy stick. I was thinking it was going to be predator missiles not predator fish for these boys tonight.

I didn’t want to tip them off and I was wondering WWMD (What Would Maverick Do)? So, I just rode along, dragging them up ever hill and making sure that their tongues were securely frozen to their handle bars by the time we reached ML area. At that point I made my exit with a little chuckle, letting the Wicked Wind of the West and Rauol do the rest.

Hasta la vista boys…

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  1. Talking smack huh? Those little wankers.

    Sounds like you gave them a good ride, and then left them in the wilderness. Good going! I'm sure MAVERICK would have done the same, taking a snapshot of them upside down in the ditch, looking for the way home as you trailed off to your secret hideout. Way to represent Redline!

    Now where did I put that lotion?