Friday, January 29, 2010


Does this look like a $40 million bicycle to you?
(It does to me!)

Despite the cold, cold temperatures (10 degrees F!) we had a great ride last night. ICEMAN, aka CD, Surly, aka Rauol the Cabana Boy, and Patrick D, aka possibly Maverick all made it out for a true Crazy Bastard Ride. The good news was that the dirt road surface was finally rideable and traction was super grippy for a change. The only white knuckles last night were from the extreme cold - which really didn't bother us too much as the there was no wind, and just a little snow falling. Actually it was a beautiful night for a ride. We did around 16 miles, so while we got FLAHUTE points for riding more miles than the temperature, we fell short of DOUBLE-FLAHUTE points. Boo-hoo, ha-ha on that.

Last night it also became clear that we are on track with our conversion to being a TOP GUN CYCLING CLUB, which should be finalized around the year 2022. You'll see in photos from last night's ride that club members are now starting to really take on the identities of their TOP GUN characters.

Take for example this - why you can hardly tell Davison from Kilmer can you?

Will the real ICEMAN please eject?!?!?

In these comparative, side-by-side photos it's really hard to tell who the real ICEMAN is, isn't it? After the ride it was a little easier when CD was undressing by the car to see who the real ICEMAN really was ...

Did someone call for more of my handmade suntan lotion?

New Bastard Patrick D was out for the ride last night, as I said before, and looking ever the part of MAVERICK. Here's a shot of him before he was stricken by frostbite during the last 1/4 mile of the ride, still looking like he's going to have a good time.

Patrick, aka Maverick, when he still had ten toes and ten fingers.

After a few beers at the good old HC (Guiness's actually), we all decided to head home. ICEMAN and MAVERICK when to the men's room before leaving, while I waited at the table, thinking it was going to be a little too crowded in that cozy HC WC for a manly three-some. After five minutes or more of waiting I started to wonder what the hell was going on in there, as neither MAV, or ICE had returned.

Finally, needing a "break" myself I went into the MEN's room to see what was going on. Like I said, we're really getting into this TOP GUN thing, aren't we?

Mav & Iceman (disguised as Tom Skerrit) discuss the merits of studded tires in the Men's Room at the Honey Creek Inn


  1. Keeping in Character, the old fat man stayed indoors last night. Too long a week and too weak a constitution. Off to Austria in the AM, hope to do a fly by wk from Tuesday. I may have to relinquish the Dumb Ass Crazy Bastard handle, my wife actually asked me if I had become pussified when I showed up at home!

  2. Funny Kahuna! You leave just when the riding gets good again. I'm figuring you'll be back in time for the Valentine Day race at Versluis' (right?).
    Have a good trip, sounds cool. You should be able to see the World Championship, (In Tabor Czech) live on the tube - I think.

  3. Thats it,I dont care how shitty it is next week,Charlie will be there,I cant believe im missing out on underwear talks in the mens room,in tighty whiteys no less!

  4. Im feeling a bit like Cougar right now,this weather is making me lose my edge,whenever im out there I feel like im going to orphan the wife and kid.

  5. Stay with me Cougar! Stay with me!

  6. Sun tan lotion or Embrocation? Mmmmmm...

  7. Rauol (Surley), I'll be grounded/beached in the Cayman Isl. on the 13th, down for some serious engine overhaul. On my last sortie, gears were freezing up. I need to have all the parts worked on, and re-lubed! Also working on a major psychic overhaul. Should have clearance shortly afterwards. Currently only limited to short bursts but well under Mach 1.

  8. That Davison guy looks like ET not the Iceman to me.

    Who's Surly and what's with his attraction to young men in their underwear?

  9. Kahuna ... can't help you with the psychic overhaul but if you need help with the bike I'd be glad to take a look at it. The Cayman overhaul doesn't sound too bad though, since we're freezing our volleyballs off at the moment here in Michigan. Have a good grounding dude!

    Anonymous: lucky for you we have some stimulus, and I mean stimulus dollars, allocated for senses of humor "coming." Your "check is in the mail" if you know what I mean.

    Rauol - Your Number One Cabana Boy