Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby Bastard Sighting!

It 's true! I saw Baby Bastard Patrick w/ mine own eyes - here in the shop last week.

Yea Verily, 'tis the truth.

He looked like the Patrick of old - no outwardly visible signs of SoCal deterioration, although he sort of implied that he wasn't ridin' much. He did spew some nonsense about "no 'cross scene in SoCal" (but why wouldja live there then, huh?) but said that he was tryin' to get out a bit now and then.

Lotsa blather about a wedding next summer - sounds like it's gonna happen in Grand Haven.

Thought a few of you Olde Skool Bastards might wanna know - prollly a buncha you goin' "whointhehell is that?"

Oh well.

See you Bastards on the 14th, ie the "return of MC"


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