Monday, July 18, 2011


Watching the Tour de France? Yeah me, yawn, too. I'm glued to the set (or my face to the drool covered pillow on the couch) snoring away, unless something really good happens like Contador getting dropped, Cav getting his goofy ass beat, or Thor taking the win on a semi-mountain stage, or Jens deciding to stomp the crap out of the peloton, just for the "Jens" of it.

 These are the sideburns that decided not to chase Thomas Voeckler down and give him the Yellow Jersey. Good thinking sideburns. Defend your mouth, not the Yellow Jersey!

Cycling racing fever is taking over this summer (at Grattan the fever has become a near fatal virus) and right in my own backyard, that would be Riverside Park, I found this competitive Ice Cream Bike Racer hard at work "Pedaling" his icy treats. This is the first competitive "Ice Cream Pedaler" I've ever seen. Check out his number! I just wonder if a Creamsicle could be considered a performance enhancing drug? All I can say is bust the piggy bank and grab his wheel - it's going to be a hot one!

Riverside Park this weekend - Ice Cream Racers LOOK OUT! 489 is ready to kick your ass and hand you a Snow Cone as your second place prize. Now that's cool!

I'm personally into the animals on bikes craze that's going around. Climbing these days, I feel like the guy below, though I don't know about hitting the end of the road, or in this case pole. Yeah bear, it's a way down.

Oooo-la-la zis eez zee end oof zee road! Sacra-boo-bear!

Cyclist spitter. I'd like to see you as a 5-button Cardigan.

While this beast above may look nice, and makes a great sweater, I'm not a big fan. They like to spit at you. Especially if you're on a bike. How do I know? There was riding at the G-Way two weeks ago and he spit at me!

I'm thinking cardigan. The perfect sweater for an old Crazy Bastard, you think?

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