Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'm baaaaaaaack! 

This scene from American Flyers is a good recreation of what happened with the Killer Chihuahua last Thursday. Russ played the part of Kostner's brother chased by the dog (I've never seen a man sprint so fast on an SS!) Werdy played the part of Kostner, and I was the rabbit at the side of the road watching it all go down. The German subtitles are for your inner Jens.

I can almost taste the gravel. Ummmy. Lip smackin' good! This is a man with an Inner Jens in him, for sure.

And so it began. Great ride last Thursday on the dirt. No cars. No fuss. No muss. No crashes. Just hard riding, good pals and a few beers later on ... Slayer was literally licking his chops in anticipation. His Inner Jens was already on the way out.

Yes, I think I remember this bike. Soooo sweet ...

Good to see Dan and about 7 other Bastards out to test the gravel. We had Lee, Dan, Mr. Kim Lee, Werdy, Slayer, Russ, Tony, and myself, out for the second spin of the summer on the dirt.

Who is that man? And why is he hammering us? Yeah, it's Jens ...

While it was a beautiful ride, with a sweet even pace that kept it altogether, we had a few good, hard intervals provided by a guy who looked and acted like the man above - Jens V, played by our very own Jeff, Slayer, Haney. That's Jens Haney to you sucker! Well done Jens Haney. 

Who's next? Let me at 'em, let me at 'em!

After trying to hold Jens Haney's wheel in deep gravel at 28 mph for a few miles, I started to wondering if he really was related to the other nut-job Jens. If they were related, I wondered, was their REAL FATHER? 

And then suddenly it came to me ... yup, Jens and Slayer can call this guy DAD ...

Maybe that crazy f-ing dog is related to those Bastards, too. Think?

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  1. Good ride...from our inner Jens to the Killer Chihuahua making his appearance at the top end. We even came up the new term "meat hooks" to go along with all the carnage laced riding that's been going on lately.

    As in, it's time to grab the meat hook (aka drops) and get on the rivet bastards.

    Yeah, it was a good ride. We'll do it again soon.