Wednesday, July 13, 2011


No, I'm not quitting on cycling, though I'm sure that would really break a lot of hearts, but I do believe, as of 1:30 p.m. today, after a good lunch and a little thought, that I won't being going to Grattan for the rest of the season. Below is just one of the reasons why - this was a long distance shot taken by Julie McGraw. You can see her complete photo stream at:

UP and at AT 'EM! In the air and going the wrong direction is not a good thing kids.

Why do you ask might someone who hasn't missed a Wednesday night Grattan race for years finally sign-off? (Unless seeing the above close-up wasn't enough!) Because for the last few weeks when I think of Grattan, here's what comes to mind:

The wheel I just ate: tastes like Zipp, but it could be Easton-flavored. Yum!

In case you can't tell this is an X-Ray of a sprinter with his lead-out man's (or one of the young teenagers now recruited as "lead-out fodder" as I like to call those adorable little tykes) with a carbon fiber wheel inserted in his or her face. It's the ultimate in what is known as "sucking wheel."

Crashes, wheelchairs, meat wagons,  vocal recriminations and a total disregard for fellow riders' safety have finally turned the G-Way racing switch to off, for me.

Another sure sign that it's time to hang-up the G-Way race shoes was the introduction of the new G-Way Points Leader jersey:

The new X-Ray Sprinter's Jersey saves time in the ER. And it shows the world what you're full of!

In keeping with the new X-Ray-Race theme the G-Way also has a new vehicle for removing the broken bodies of the sprinters (both A and B) from the finishing straight.

Yeah, that's you fast guy, with bike and body up in the front-loader.

While I could pick away all day on the recklessness of G-Way riders, perhaps the crash-o-rama virus that has infencted the race is  that is "going around." Check out this video of last week's Detroit Criterium Cat 5 sprint finish.

Hey, look-out tent! You're in my way!

For those who like crash photos, there are some spectacular shots online and on FaceBook, of last week's B finish at the G-Way. It looks more like a bicycle "high jumping" competition, than a bike race.

So what's next you might ask after quitting the G-Way? Well how about a long winding road to a fun season of cyclocross? Yeah, that sounds good. To get started on the right (and hopefully unbroken foot) several Bastards are planning to roll out of Townsend at 6 pm tomorrow (Thursday 07.14.11). Come out and join us.

Remember this kind of riding? It's happening tomorrow. Grab your crosser and join us.

Instead of a leader's jersey for tomorrow night's ride, we will be awarding "Leader Shorts" instead for generally good and thoughtful riding. But we are going to stick with the X-Ray theme, just to keep some continuity to our crazy season ...

It says X-Ray. But how come you can't see through 'em?


  1. damn, can't make it, got a swim lined up so that i don't nearly drown again in a tri saturday... i miss the dirt

  2. And the dirt misses you. Make it next week, swimmer-tri-dude.