Thursday, July 7, 2011


Sprint = time to fill'er up!

The phone has been vibrating off the hook today, at least I think it was my phone, with calls concerning the  race at the G-Way last night. While I haven't been able to shed light on the total body count, and extent of the exact injuries, as far as I know the most serious injury was a broken collarbone. Thanks God. It looked much worse. And let's hope that  is the absolute worst of it. As for the quote about filling up the Meatwagon (above) ... not mine ... I overhead this gem issued by a racer while leaving the track last night - a track scattered with bloody bodies and broken bikes at the B-Sprint finale. It looked like a bomb had gone off.

This is the second time, in the last three weeks, that an extra one of these (below) has been called to the G-Way. Two weeks ago a young man suffered a horrifying crash in the A's on the last lap which left him with a broken hip and confined to a wheelchair.

Another one coming to get you. But we hope not.

I could sense that there was going to be some kind of accident on the G-Way last night, sooner or later. I was howling about the sketchy riding all night long, and specifically sharing my opinion on some of the younger riders' mad riding skillz with commentary that sounded a lot like this:

When asked by a father of a son who had raced, and survived the ordeal intact, if he should tell the boy's mother about the race and the accident I suggested this:

"You know that horrible tsunami that hit Japan this year?"


"Well this wasn't as bad."

Just as I was finishing today's post some cycling spam popped up on the computer with this compelling and ployful question:

Hey Surly, 

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Hey online marketing dorks, know what makes me really excited about cycling? 

Getting home in one fucking piece.

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  1. More than sad to report that there were worse injuries than initially reported. It seems that John Brown, on the Rapid Wheelmen team, sustained a broken neck and will be 'braced up' for a few months. Bad news, get well soon.