Monday, July 25, 2011


The TdF is finally over, and frankly I don't know how much more of it I could take. Guys yelling at each other, crashing, running out of gas, making stupid excuses about their piss-poor performances ... I thought it was Wednesday night at the G-Way, all over again.

Frandy Schelck: You pull, no you pull. No, wait let the Hobbit pull. He won't? Guess we lost again.

For those of you that didn't buy the extended Versus Tour coverage, which was an additional 99¢ (you can feed your television set by the penny!) I am happy to report that my English Setter actually beat the Frandy Schlecks in the time Trial. How could a fat, lazy, and overly spoiled dog beat a highly tuned Tdf athelete you might ask? Without taking and controlled substances, like a special "Contador Beef Bone?"

First loser - Andy Schelck. My guess is that he didn't know there was a TT until Saturady Morning. Somebody needed to tell him that you use those pointy handle-bars to go faster.

As you can see, below, Betty went all out and left it all out on the road. Maybe even a little poop, but then so did a few other riders.

Only moments after finishing the TT she was still too out of breath to talk to reporters.

Apparently Betty had a Stomach Full Alpo and put big time into the Frandy's. Unfortunately she couldn't get close to the eventual winner Cadel Evans and said in her post race interview, that was okay since the little Aussie is a real dog lover.

I thought it going to be another stupid stuffed Lion. This is AUSSIUM!

Aw, that's okay, just 'cause your not real, you're still a cute one, you are.

Cadel being asked for autograph by another of his fans.

Wrapped in his flag, Cadel celebrates his TdF win.

Wrapped in her blanky Betty celebrates her record breaking TT. Take that Frandy!

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