Monday, December 7, 2009


Twas a fun day all around. Echo-ing Hammer, it was good to see some familar west side faces making the trek accross the state. Cool seeing Hammer and Surly in the parking lot when we got there.

Surly was right and we should try to make an east side race more often. Racing was fun, the course was great, and spectating was pretty cool as well. It's a different feel at the race. Not good or bad, just different. I thought the course was a lot more technical then what we're used to and loved every turn and off camber of it. Lots of variety and aspects to keep you on your toes.

We got to see a couple bastard brethren take home some hardware and got to watch others race hard. The most entertaining race of the day was Tommy Burke fighting like a warrior to claim third place. If you missed it, you missed one heckuva effort. 5 crashes, 2 dropped chains, and Tom still was on the wheel of third place coming around the last corner. Tom's rear wheel slipped out on him in that last corner and he hit the dirtonly to watch third place ride away. Great effort but a disappointing place at the finish.

A few photos I've found. Josh Dugga, Andrea Tucker, Hans Nyberg;photo_page=;gallery_page=2

Kinda sad the season has come to another end. Great times at the races and on the dirt roads this fall. Hope to see some bastards for some winter riding again.



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