Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hey it's December! Planning on riding tonight and dressing like these dudes and growing a beard. Who's in? See you atTownsend around 6. We'll roll at 6:30 and since it's getting colder, we'll probably go right on time. See you Bastards later.


  1. Since it's getting colder will anyone be wearing the Rapha Cyclocross Jersey-Jacket and Bib Knicker combo featured on Cyclocross Magazine's website today? The pair only costs $415 but comes with a "FREE" carrying bag. I'd snap it up in a minute but the idea of wearing a jersey and bib knickers that cost well over twice what the bike I'm riding does seems wrong. Do you think?

  2. I will be palping my single speed sans Rapha and bare-back (aka no filth prophylactic).

    PS - if bearded guys have assistants for crotchal truing, then I'm growing a beard!

  3. Ah, the crotchal truing stand indeed! Probably needed it after slamming a few pot holes last night but since I was riding my trusty-rusty SS, who cares? If it's not rubbing the brakes real hard, it's OK, right? Nice ride last night with a small group of Bastards: Mr. Kim Lee, Dave (BK), Craig R (FBats), Jeff Z, Mike V and self. Word was Werdy was going to make it but had another run in with those elusive keys his car, uh, was unavailable for transportation purposes. Should have called me Werdy. For Christmas lets chip in and buy him a chain for his keys so he can permanently attach them to the belt on his manprees.