Friday, December 18, 2009


Yeah it was a comedy of errors, if by error you mean we decided to ride last night. You could see right from the start the roads were glare ice from the past thaw-and-freeze action. But of course we kept going - Mike V, Kenzie, CD, Tony, Patrick D, and myself. The minute we hit the ice covered roads everybody started making sounds like these guys:

A few miles in Mike went down after hitting a pothole in the middle of a sheet of ice. He bagged it at that point, claiming that that was all the fun he was allowed to have in one night and turned back home. 

It was not long before I became the next victim of the ice. So far, the Surly had been an Ice Monster and was cruising right along, but then while chatting with Tony, and letting my fantastic focus for riding on glare crap wander, I looked something like this, only older, creepier, and tangled in a cheap steel bike from China.

We only did a short loop that took something like 7 hours to complete. The "OTHER" ride had already returned when we hit the lot. We went back to the HC and had a few beers - looking a lot like this:


  1. Nice recap Mr. Curly Surly, sounds like a remake of Tuesdays ride less the bone chilling temps and gale force winds. It was probably best that I took the night off, my finger tips are still healing.

    We either need a thaw to improve road, riding conditions, or I hope everyone finds a Surly Pugsley with studded oversize tires under their Christmas tree this week.

    Happy Holidays


  2. Hopefully tonight's snow (Saturday) will take care of the ice. The temps on Thursday weren't too bad, though some of the Bastards dressed in summer bibs with leg warmers and shoes were a bit chilled. Planning on Tuesday ...

    Merry Christmas!

  3. A few bastards were out this morning-BK, Werdy and myself. There was an inch or two of new snow but not enough to adequately cover the layer of ice underneath. I think we need a few more inches and then it has to get packed down before the traction improves significantly. I went down kinda hard on my hip which is a bit sore right now. Still, I think we had more fun than you guys did on Thursday. Can't make it next week. Ride safe and Happy Festivus.

  4. How'd the SS handle/ride Mr Johnson?

  5. Simple
    It rides really nice-comfortable and I think more stable. It is slightly smaller than my 'cross bike. I think the gearing is too big especially on the slippery stuff. I'm running a 42 on the front and 17 in the back which the boys tell me is too much. I'm inclined to agree because I feel the rear wheel spinning on the steeper hills. Other than a spill or two, it was a fun ride. I'm hooked.