Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Last ride before Christmas saw five of us, well you can't see me behind the camera, and one other guy left already, out for a merry little ride. With some fresh snow down on the ice, riding was 100% better and there were no crashes and only a few fishtails, so we ended up getting in a good long loop without an ass-to-ice incident.   

The cast of characters included: Tony, Craig, Mike V, Rider X, and myself. Sorry rider X, I can't remember your name right now, although your story about your three crashes in the last week, and the fact that your wife now calls you something like A Stupid-Ass Crazy Bastard, sparked some ideas for creating new titles for the CB  membership. Also thank you Rider X, for coming back and bringing me back from the black pit of off-the-back several times. Also thanks to Craig for bringing beers for an after ride drink in the lot. Nothing like drinking a cold one outside after a ride in 20 something temps.

While the Holidays are a time of love and joy and all that crap, it's still good to know that inside Crazy Bastards are still real bastards at heart. Just when you think you're getting all warm and fuzzy you catch a glimpse of what's really going on inside. This quick snap of Tony after the ride says it all, don't you think? It's like "screw the Holidays, back off you freak or I'll crack ya' over the head with this bottle."


  1. Sorry about yesterday's no comment screw up. I must have done something wrong in creating the post that didn't allow you to make comment. My mistake. It looks like it's working now. Merry F'ing Christmas everybody!

  2. ok, so rider "X" was Larry, aka Kahuna, aka Dumb-Ass Crazy Bastard (per his wife). Thanks for the ride it was unique staying upright. The studs on the tires made it feel like I was on rails. Sorry to leave, I was brain dead after meeting one on one with 180 employees over the last 2 days. Christmas and all that crap will be over soon and I'll see you Tuesday night!

  3. Thanks Larry aka Kahuna, I'll never forget you now - sorry I'm so bad with names. If you get tagged with Dumb-Ass Crazy Bastard you'll have to thank your wife. I'll buy you a beer next time! Thanks for bringing me back!

  4. You are welcome, and since usually i'm the one that needs to be brought back, you may have to repay the favor some time. I'll hold you to that beer. See ya next week.

  5. Hey surly,
    Nice right up & love the pics! They turned out great considering how dark it was. Also, a great ride, I'll take the crunchy hard pack any day over the ice!
    Merry Christmas all!