Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bumble Ride Recap


  1. Very cool! Thanks for the sweet video Night Rider. Like the fade to, what is that Bumble, the Abominable Snow Buddy? Also like to add that we got what CD calls MAJOR FLAHUTE POINTS by riding more miles than marks on thermometer. We did just over 15 miles in 15 degrees. Had a beer in the lot! and then headed back for a beer at the HC and then on to Vitales for dinner and more beer. Oh my. For as cold as this mother was we had quite a few Bastards out let me know if I missed anyone.

    New Guy on a Fixie!!!!!!!
    Mr. Kim Lee on his New SS Blue Bianchi & Leopard seat
    Craig aka F Bats sporting a new studded tire
    Dave aka Night Rider Stud Boy with helmet cam
    Larry aka Kahuna, aka DACB
    Jeff Z
    Mike V

  2. Listen carefully to the video and you can hear the discussion about who gets the new SS when Mr. Kim Lee falls off his bike and freezes into a snow bank. No mercy for a fellow bastard!

  3. Yeah I heard discussion. How simply aweful. That was pretty cold and heartless. Who would even think a thing so horrible? I suppose the tape will be evidence of some kind should anything happen to the precious Mr. Kim Lee. Thanks Niterider for watching our backs!

  4. Luckily no faces were exposed enough for someone to be credited for making the comment! :)

  5. Nice ride last night. Cold but tolerable. Good riding with Surly and CD and thanks for the company. It was interesting hearing about the history of the San Jose. The SS is a fun ride but it does take some getting used to. I switched to a 38T chain ring and kept the 17 on the back. Some slippage on the steeper hills but otherwise decent traction.
    Happy New year fellow b'stards.