Friday, December 4, 2009

State CX Champs

It's time to make the trek eastward bastards. The Surly One has been doing it all year and it's about time some of the rest of us took the calling. Me-self the Werdy One, BKDave, and Mr. Kim Lee will have the bikes packed and ready to race on Sunday. Snow, mud, frozen tundra, sand, knowing what's in store or what the course will be.

Surly, you got any previous knowledge of this course to help us bastads who have never been? Any info is appreciated. Any one else heading over for this one? Last race of the year bastards!

The Werdy One


  1. My advice is do some Tailwind races during the regular season. This race won't be representative of what they're like, but you'll get an idea. And most importantly ... have fun! And watch out for that first step off the MONSTER!

  2. sit on your butts and slide down... that's my advice!