Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Santa Stop Here" Snow Ride

BK and myself the Werdy One took a roll outta Townsend this morning. 20 some miles and a little over an hour and a half. The snow was in great shape with plenty of traction and not too slick. Sunshine, temps in the 20's, good company, all made for a good Saturday ride.

BK showed me the Christmas row of houses along Murray Lake over by Jeff Z's home. No lights were on, but I could see the work done.

All in all, a great day to get out and ride. Weather looks favorable for Sunday, maybe a little rain though. Keep riding Bastards! It beats the hellouttathe trainer!


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  1. I also enjoyed a ride over the weekend with our affiliate group; “The Ada Bastards.” Jim Alan, Mackenzie Woodring, Tom Hahn, and I pedaled on the gravel roads south of Lowell Sunday afternoon. Fast and slippery was the best way to describe this ride. I did my share of tripoding down the hills just to stay upright.

    Jim did a great job on his mountain bike, making it look easy.

    Mackenzie and Tom may be riding with us on Tuesday night, it should be fun.

    See you there..