Monday, December 7, 2009


'Twas grand indeed to see such a Bastard/Wesside presence over in Davisburg for the State CX race yesterday! Congrats to Dave S and Laura M for bringin' home the gold in their respective catagories. 'Tween the 3 of us the local Bastard Community accounted for 3 of the 5 Championships in the C class. (Yeah - I'm claiming Bastard Status despite missing every damn ride for more than a year!)

I saw the Surly Dawg, Werdy, Kim and a few others from this side of the state & everyone rode hard, looked good and represented!

No doubt there are pix, stories and outright bald-faced lies to come. Stay tuned.

See ya on the dirt you Bastards...................MC

1 comment:

  1. good job dave, mike and laura on your new titles of state champ...I , for one , am proud of the Bastard Clan.