Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Excuse to miss the State Race???

Good luck to all at Finals tomorrow. Can't make the trip once again. I know the weather looks perfect assuming we all like crusty white snow over some black ice with intermittent dark mud and thawing puddles. Who doesn't? Some have already heard but rumor is true, shugah is now working on his tri skills for next season. So, tomorrow is the annual indoor tri at MVP and who can resist mindlessly swimmimg back and forth, riding a stationary bike with a seat larger than my fat arse(which is REALLY big these days), followed by a romantic but quick visit to the treadmill. My only hope is that there may be some really slow swimmers......... :) Oh, and did I say this whole mess starts at 7am while still dark?????


  1. Don't forget your snorkel... and your fins. Or your Michael Phelps speedo suit, too!!

  2. Shugah-
    Congrats-I saw your name at the top of the list in the MVP tri. That's tremendous. Did your wear your TT helmet for the bike part?

  3. thanks...actually wore it in the pool which while keeping my hair somewhat dry did not prove aerodynamic but did keep me from a concussion after hitting my head against the wall 34 did frighten some of the other swimmers which is a plus...I think I heard someone say "look at that CB with the helmet in the pool"...