Thursday, August 2, 2012


Sorry I haven't put up a report from our spectacular ride on Tuesday, but I've been busy with just being me, which let me tell you is more than a full time ride. As I write this, and look forward to another ride tonight, the rain is coming down. Well that's why I own a single speed. We'll see about tonight but I'm planning on rolling at 6 pm out of Townsend.

As far as Tuesday it was great to get the band back together. We had exactly 10 members from the usual suspects on hand for a great ride, wonderful weather and a few beers in the lot to catch up on the season so far, and the one ahead. I'm sorry that I didn't take any pictures of this de-facto first ride of the Crazy Bastard Season, so I am trying to recreate the ride with photos of the Bastards by capturing their Face Book Avatars and using them to give you an idea of how it was.

BK Dave

Talking about getting the bad back together, BK Dave (Aka Dave Staublin) too it literally. Dave and I swapped some lead-outs through the Killer Chihauhua section. Great work Dave, that was truly fun!

Kim Thomas

She not riding that old thing anymore, but I think she had the wheels on Tuesday. Kim Thomas was there too. Working on getting a great 'cross on like Snooki works on getting her nasty tan on.

Aaron Huntington

Aaron Huntington was back, with congratulations and fanfare after his recent marriage. To say that Aaron was ready to get back on the bike and riding was an understatement! Congratulations Hunter/Killer Aaron Huntington, and Mrs. Aaron Huntington Hunter/Killer, as well!

Adam McIntyre

A little late to the ride because of work and traffic, Adam was there to put in a few blasts worth noting. I think maybe we should changes is handle from Big Mac, Dr. Adam, Dr. Mac, to MACK DADDY. What do you think? Love that new Lazer helmet. people ask me all the time about mine.

Laura Melendez (Cupcake)

Know for her 'cross racing, command of the Hecklehorn, it was good to see Cupcake back on the gravel once again after a hard season of road racing. She took it easy on Tuesday, as you can see above. 

Jurrien Davison (Etho-Bastard)

Slim, trim, and ready to rock (so what else is new?) Jurrien rocked a Fat Bike on the Tuesday ride running over anything that dared raise its sorry head. Logs, boulders, cats, dogs, small children and slow elders felt the crush of Etho-Bastards Fat Tires!

Julie Whalen (aka Julie Boonen)

Tom Boone's Sister, Julie Boonen also rocked her Fat Bike, as well as a fractured wrist/arm combo. Tough luck Julie ... hope that heals, but gee could you turn around and face the camera? I'm not sure that's you.

Julie Boonen

Yeah, that Tom's Sister. You can tell by the shoes.

Scott Nason (aka Batman)

Good to see Scott Nason out for a ride. Looks like he's ready for some 'cross racing this year. Good to see you Scott! Racing is just around the corner.

Scott Walburn

Great to see Scott out riding. One of our favorite Bastards, Scott always shows a lot of class and style even if he's surrounded by a bunch of idiots. Like when would that be Scott? Nice ride, looks like you've got some good form for the next season. No go home and face your face dude. Unless those are just bad-boy face tats.

Surly Bastard

All I can say is that I think I am under-trained and over-rested. While I enjoyed the ride I was just plain dog-tired later that night. Here I am watching the Olympics later that night.

Running on Empties. That's how we roll.

After the ride we sat around in the parking lot and had a few beers and talked over the upcoming season. Just a few. I took these back to the gas station in Cannonsburg and got $13,456.00 in bottle returns. We can ride, and we can drink, apparently.


Introducing the new Crazy Bastard Lost and Found Department. You lose it, we take and give it back, if it's something we don't want to keep. Somebody left this beautiful bottle amongst the empties in the back of the Grandpa Van on Tuesday. If it's yours and you can tell me what "Podium Chill" means you can have it back.

Is this yours? Explain just what the hell Podium Chill means and you can have it back. Maybe.

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