Friday, August 17, 2012


(Soaking wet, muddy, and shaking. But not a bad ride. Well maybe.)

Small ride with just four Bastards: BK Dave, Big Mac, Mike aka McLovin', and myself. Moderate pace until the rain started coming down hard and then it picked up. Imagine that. 

(Adam was so glad he wore the white kit and left his rain cape in the car.)

(McLovin' shows of his skunk stripe as he skee-daddles for home.)

FNG Mike, McLovin' from the Speed Merchant Team decided to bring his brand new whip out for a dirT road ride because he didn't want to get it dirty on the trail. Good thinking McLovin'! Hey at least that kit didn't show the mud!

(While I remembered to pack a rain jacket, I forgot my hat. I'm having one knitted like this one. Finally something that will fit my ears! My cap will be red, this is obviously a dog from the Priority Team.)

We rolled for about almost 2hrs (?), not really sure because when the rain starts whacking you, the clock goes all Dali on me. It looks kinda of like this.

(This is what my GPS/Garmin looks like when wet. Think I got a knock-off?)

Another week down, and still in one piece. Good luck to everyone riding and racing in this weekends EGR - one of my favorite Crit course, enjoy!

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