Monday, August 13, 2012


A few of us made a quick trip yesterday (Sunday) to the Red Cedar Cyclocross Course in Lansing and met up with course designers and workers.

Sarah McIntyre, JB Hancock, Adam Big Mac McIntyre, the good folks from Stomach of Anger, Robert Falik, and Michael Babcok (above), and me, not pictured behind the camera.  We were there for a few fun laps, and they were there to work on the course. Sorry we didn't help with the work part of it guys, but we're just kind of worthless, except for the playing on cyclocross bikes.

Big improvements and additions to the course are well underway. This Course is The SWAMP THING course, and part of Stomach of Anger Series, and will be the venue for two races this year, and possibly a lot of practice and practice races in the pre-season. 

JB drove down from Alma to blast the course with us. JB was rocking his new ITHACA jersey. Do I have one yet? No way, only winner get one. The ITHACA GRAND PRIX OF CYCLOCROSS is the first real race on the calendar this year, so make sure you're registered early and have all the crap you need to make it a season-opening party to remember. The Crazy Bastards are thinking about giving away a couple of registrations, but we have to think of a contest. Any ideas? How about who kills the biggest Varmit with their bike? It would be like a Bass Fishing Tournament .... I know who has the lead already.

JB and Sarah ready to get on course and start tearing it up. We were waiting for Adam to show up with complete pit gear, washer, tent and extra bikes. Sarah looking fashionable as always ....

Right down to the matching Belgy socks ...

You really going to wear those in the mud? Well that's what they're made for ... I guess.

Adam arrives and makes sure the brakes and rear wheel are attached to the bike. This looks like what happened to Sven Nys in the Olympic Mountain Bike race yesterday. If only Adam had been  there.

JB explaining something (again). Like this is a sidewalk, something, something. If you'll  remember this was  the exit from the barriers to the turn onto the finishing stretch. Looks different without people standing around with shots of Jager and Twinkies in their hands, doesn't it?

JB explaining something (again). This time I  think he's showing us how big the Varmit needs to be qualify from a free race registration at THE GRAND PRIX OF ITHACA. But register now, don't think you're just going to win one. If you do win, and you're registered, we'll work something out. (Yeah, right!)

While the Crazy Bastards played on their cross bikes, others worked to make the course even better. Last year's course is really smooth now, and with new sections added this is going to be Michigan's Number One Cyclocross venue. Nice work Michael! I think you and your Brush Goat should be featured on an upcoming STOMACH OF ANGER T-SHIRT design.

The Jens Voigt has a Posse, is just another of the latest and greatest Stomach of Anger Shirts you can order right now. I waiting for the Might Brush Goat shirt.

Big Mac, Adam McIntyre, ready to roll the Red Cedar course on Sunday. Mac has the front wheel of his Ridley on the pulse of the Michigan Cyclocross Scene.

If you have read any of Adam's recent Face Book posts, you'll note that a number (okay, one) of USAC officials have sworn off officiating Cyclocross Races this year because of my surly attitude at the line in 2011. While there's nothing I can do about the past and my demeanor when I'm getting ready to race, there is something I can do about the future. And that's find new officials. The guy below said he'd be happy to officiate, and put the date down to make sure he'd be there. He's also working with his employer about additional sponsorship. If it comes through we're going to be call the SWAMP THING, CYCLOCROSS PLASMA IN THE PARK! Yeah, those tracks on his arm aren't from a chainring.

Say it ain't so Joe (Lekovish)!

I'll bet you thought that was Joe Lekovish standing where registration usually is at this SOA race. Nope, this is your USAC official of the future, brought to you by me. He'll be at the Swamp Thing this year, making sure you stay on course. He'll know exactly what you're doing, especially back in the woods, because he actually lives there. The guy in the background will be handling the pits, and counting laps.

FYI this is the real Joe Lekovish (above), with a shave, though it might be "that guy."Who knows?

If Plasma donation is one of the new Swamp Thing sponsors, maybe we can have Plasma Primes?

If you want a refresher on how much fun this race was, here's a classic Adam McIntyre video from 2011. It's got it all - crashes, high speed chases, and brake grabs ... it also has one of the best matching audio tracks ever.

After the race we returned to Crazy Bastard Headquarters for that important after "cross-practice-workout" meal to restore and replenish our 'cross system to full power and capacity ...

I think Adam Myerson warned you about this two weeks ago ... red meat, Duvel, and lots of butter, and a T-shirt under your jersey. Anyway, I might not be faster, but I'll be able to donate more blood.

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