Friday, August 10, 2012


(Crazy Bastards Ride Late-Sumer & Fall of 2012)

So it starts. One too (two) many ambulances at the track, one too many hot days, the sand's too deep on single track (mountainbikers!) and people start asking ... "Hey you guys riding those Crazy Bastards ride yet/again/now/ever again? 

Well so far we haven't received any injunction against riding where we ride, so it shouldn't be long before we are back on the dirt roads again full time, though there have been rides already taking place on Tuesdays and Thursday's at a moderate pace - all we need to do now is avoid some obstacles.

As you ramp up your training, or ramp down your race, in expectation of the upcoming cross season, here are some races you'll want to keep on your Cross-Radar.

The Stomach of Anger Series is great new blood for Michigan Cyclocross. I love this series, and you should too. Great courses, and very racer friendly, classy promoters, with a full complement of categories for everybody and everyone check out their entire series.

One of the first races on the SOA schedule will be the Swamp Thing. They are tuning this course as we write this. In fact you can get involved in helping to craft The Swamp Thing into the best course in Michigan. Contact that promoters, and tell them you'll lend a hand. We might also be organizing some road-trips if you're interested in going for a little early-pre-season practice.

The other big favorite that will be leading us into the new season will be the return of THE ITHACA GRAND PRIX OF CYCLOCROSS on September 8th.

As always JB is loading on the sponsors and prizes for this event - from these sweet cycling caps, to sponsorship by Cyclocross Magazine - the race should be getting some good coverage on a National-Cyclocross level as a result.

Cyclocross Magazine: 2nd Place Sponsor!

Cyclocross Magazine is the official 2nd place sponsor of this year's GP!  In addition to providing the best all around 'cross coverage there is, check out for more cyclocross chatter.  Michigan even has a group online!

Yes, there is an online group, and there is sometimes some good information to be had there about the Michigan 'Cross Scene. Check it out.

Here's a little video teaser of this year's upcoming Ithaca Grand Prix. Registration is now open, so why not sign-up now?

The Tailwind Series appears to be set, and is up, online. Looks like a lot new venues this year, and since they are taking into account the larger race dates, these should be very competitive this year ...

Kim Thomas in the sand at Stony Creek. Sadly, for me anyway, this Tailwind race isn't on the schedule this year. Too bad I really loved that 200 yards of deep beach sand. No, I really did. It sucked.

Mad Anthony is back and Madder than ever October 20, 2012

This race was a big discovery for me. I think it drew the largest crowds and fields in all of Michigan Cyclocross last year. The course was fabulous, as well as the setting on along the Detroit River.

There are certainly more races than this, and we'll post up additional news when we hear it, but start looking around at schedules and let us know what you're planning and what might be a good road trip. There's also opportunities to make it to Chicago, Cincy, and so on, so let us know.

After a hot dry summer, could it be that we'll have a wet and muddy season? Better make sure the bike washer is ready!

So now it's back into the garage to get all the gear ready, the tires glued, the cables cabled,  the tents dusted off, the cooler cleaned and new hoses on the bike washers. Oh yeah, and maybe do some riding and some skillz training. Next post on clinics and practice.

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