Thursday, August 9, 2012


The Classic Cinzano move from Breaking Away. Yeah, we can do that too ....

As if hitting Varmits weren't enough, on Tuesday we had to recreate the "Team Cinzano" bullshit move, but instead of shoving a bicycle pump through a front wheel, we opted for a handing stick laying around the road. While we again didn't have video of the crash, thanks to Adam once again not recording the entire ride, we do have physical evidence of the mishap

Let's take a look at the most telling piece of evidence ... or pieces not there.

Craig "Flying Bats" front wheel. Notice something missing? Yeah, two costly Mavic Zirconium spokes. Maybe this will make the wheel even more aero?

I always wondered why Craig used the Bastard pseudonym of Flying Bats. Now I know. It's because he can actually fly through the night air. When we rolled up on him after his short, bat-like flight, he looked kind of like this, only flipped over. The bike was somewhere hiding up a nearby tree.

While Craig was in a lot of pain we managed to keep him well hydrated. Thoughtful of us, huh?

Once back to the lot, after collecting all of the most important pieces and parts, we repaired Craig (a little) and had a few ... 

Bat's battered leg and wheel. We patched up the leg, not so much so the wheel. That will take more expert care.

While there should be no lingering effects of the crash, other than a fear of Varmits and Sticks in the road, it was a sorry and weird freakish-accident end to a beautiful ride.

Who knew there were sticks in the road? Not these people seen above: Mac Daddy aka Adam McIntyre, Laura Melendez aka Cupcake, and Tony, Mr. Surrender the Booty. Not pictured, Scott Nason, BK Dave, and me, myself and I.

Nice, cooling temperatures and a setting sun made for a gorgeous night on the roads, except of course for  Varmits and those Sticks. 

Beautiful scenery and a water spout in the middle of the field. Also a nice gap in the line. Oh well. Here's what the riders on Tuesday looked like in a close-up.

So that explains it. It was a Team Cinzano Move all along! The Bastards, they almost killed Craig ... and Kenny too!

For tonights ride (Thursday August 9, 2012) we'll find another route that doesn't feature Varmits or Sticks. I'm sure with this sweet feature somewhere around the 20-mile mark, Mac Daddy will be rolling his GoPro and we should have some decent video to share for a change. See you tonight!

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