Wednesday, February 24, 2010


About the only exercise I got last night, riding almost 20 miles of an "Awesome Sauce" consisting of of ice, slush and mud, was squeezing the brake hooks until my knuckles were as white as this obviously alcoholic dog in my lap. I'm hoping Thursday will see better traction, or something. I'm sort of hoping that a volcano will erupt on Mount Ashley (ever try towing a bike up that hill in deep mud? That was last Thursday ...) and that lava will flow down over the whole course to melt the "Awesome Sauce" and leave us with something that bike tires can actually stick to. How I didn't crash I don't know. Somebody did go down next to me letting of a long and anguished string of Stooge noises as he went. Luckily no one was hurt.

On my day off I plan on dropping the dog off at the Betty Ford rehab unit for English Setters. No more microbrew for you! Down you booze hound!

Hope Thursday's better.


  1. Sweet pic. She looks happy (hiccup!)sippin on that brew. Plannin' on Thursday. Wonderin' what conditions will be.

  2. Hey, great post and good looking dog! I recognized that pooch from somewhere, more on that later.

    I didn’t think that last night’s ride was that bad. No wind, mild temps, and lots of riders. Conditions were a little on the slick side, but ride able. Last I counted it was an even split between cross and mountain bikers, four of each.

    The metal hunt was closely contested by both sides.

    The crossers included; Surly on his Surley. Kahuna, (the wise one) spinning his studs. Patrick, back hammering with a newly replaced laced in rear hub. And Redline.

    The mountain bikers included; Tony aka cross biker, not to be confused with a cross dresser, he can go either way and drop you on either bike. And those three fast other guys, (I’m still working on their names).

    The gold, silver, and bronze metals have to go to the mountain bikers, they where setting a good pace all night long.