Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm bringing my daughters along tonight just in case I'm the lone bastard once again.


  1. Sorry, I won't be making it tonight but will be there on Thursday. Too bad I'd like to see your daughters slaying some road miles in the snow. Is this poster referring to 50 FIXED GEAR riding women? Very cool. But very weird. Good luck tonight!

  2. See you on Thursday night and yes to your question...

  3. The riding conditions were actually pretty decent tonight. It was a little colder than I anticipated and I regretfully left my glove covers at home.

    Tony, the mountain bikers, my daughters on fixies (my personnel body guards) and I braved the light snow tonight. The only casualties were two dead batteries and a little slip on my driveway on the way out.

    I like these mountain bikers; they consistently show up to ride on Tuesday nights regardless of the weather and road conditions. My daughters were angry nonetheless because I wouldn’t let them toss any cars around in the parking lot. I explained to them that I would probably have to buy a mountain bike if I wanted to continue to do group rides on Tuesday nights.

    If you can’t beat them join them, I guess is how the old saying goes.

  4. Sooooo - wait a minute.... mountain bikers are on tuesday nights? Doez... lets start riding Tuesdays instead... marc - why didnt you say anything to me about this. Mountain bikers are way cooler than guys on cross bikes. Do they have cool themes though? i was starting to really dig my ICEMAN moniker - and i know doez was pretty digging being called charlie.... and who rubs lotion and embrocation on them? Maybe we can re-create the characters of The A Team or something... that would be bad ass.

  5. A Team YES!!! I call B.A. Baracus