Monday, February 15, 2010

Versluis Snowcross 2

Winner, winner, sequin dinner. Yes, Patrick represented at last weekend's Versluis Snowcross by taking home first place in the costume contest. How long it will take him to live it down is anybody's guess. Well done Patrick!

More costume contestants show off some muddy butties. Know who they are?

It was Valentines Day weekend and love was indeed in the air. Here McKenzie's legs get a good checking out at the start line of the As.

More representin' by the Bastards in the "actual" race was done by Tony who took home 1st place in the Bs!!!! Well done Tony. I didn't have a photo of Tony at the race so I used one of his training photos. It shows you the preparation and dedication it takes to win in the Bs. The As were won by some guy named Joe 3. Do we care? Not really.

Like I said love was in the air. Here ICEMAN checks out the beautiful costume winner at the start line of the Bs. While ICEMAN eyed those sweet BEDAZZLED bib-tights, Patrick was getting a good whiff of CD's non-bedazzled but heavily embrocated calves.

A big thanks to the Versluis' and the Farmer Racing Team for again putting on another great race. Also nice job to all the Bastards who showed. If you want to see more photos, and much better photos, check out Jack Kunnen's photography site.

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