Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sauce Ride Tonight?


  1. My bike is already covered with mud after riding with the lady mountain bikers on Sunday (Zoe & Roxanne).

    I have not checked the road conditions today, but it could be interesting...

  2. That looked like me last week. Although I had a bit of old snow to land on. Ill be there with the STUDS!

  3. Well it's the day after and I'd have to say it was a mix between mud and ice (definately sauce) pure mud, snow, and the slipperiest ice I have ever ridden on. How I "didn't" hit the deck is a miracle. I put that down as the ride from hell ... Hope the rest of those guys made it back, we never did see them in the parking lot. Yell if you're still alive Redline!

  4. Alive and well.

    I'll bring you some steel plates for your boots on Thursday.