Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday Ride

Felt a little chilly come go time Thursday night:

Except for Tony and Batty, the parking lot looked deserted when I got there.

JZ came rolling up a few minutes later on his bike. No dog in tow, but I like this pic. Check out the matchin' helmets. That boozin dog we see around here needs some head protection too. Slick!

Saw this guy out there. He wondered whatinthehell we were up too. Drivin' on ice or ridin' on ice, we speak the same language. Keep on truckin' big man! Keep on truckin'

The winds were strong enough this going on somewhere along Giles. That's not the Wikid Witch of the West, that's Tony taking flight! "There's no place like home, there's no place like home!"

Kinda felt like this when we were done:

Heading over to the HC for some recon. They redecorated, plus it was a little busy:

Decided to go home and watch some of this:

combined with this...

Crazy Bastard Status awarded to those guys. They deserve a Top Gun moniker for that stuff.

Small crowd, but good night for a ride. Roads were slick when it was covered. Exposed dirt will turn deep if it warms up. If it stays cold with a little more snow, it should all be good.

Later Bastards,


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