Friday, February 12, 2010


Could this be the future of the Crazy Bastards?

Great ride last night with regulars like Redline and MC, err, ICEMAN, plus some faces we haven't seen for a while.  Ralph came out on a new giant-looking (hey he's a big guy) Kona Jake the Snake. (We found your mittens in the snow on the way to the HC, Ralph).  MC and stoker KAT joined us rocking a white cross tandem rig, with white snow tires! So cool, but isn't MC always so cool? Seeing the tandem in a action we had to think 'could this be the ultimate Bastard solution for our winter rides?'  Just think of it! All we have to make sure is that none of the dudes from the church ride get on and we're set to go! And only one chain to clean! To be totally unique maybe we should also consider some other options other than the traditional straight line tandem-plus ride.

Above is a sweet idea in multi-rider transportation. Since you'll be sitting kind of face-to-face. It will also provide ample opportunity for even more chit-chat while riding, and other social interactions, if you call passing the flask around a social interaction.

How about a double-double configuration? Friendly, and this piece of crap won't fall over on the ice like my Surly always wants to. And, this rig will make it possible to say those magic words, "Could you please rub some more lotion on my shoulders?"

Of course here's the ultimate ride multi-Bastard ride! It comes with a bunch seats  for all of us and Angelina Jolie doing the stoking!!!!! I don't know if Brad Pit will be there, but who cares? I hear he has B.O. anyway. Dibs on the seat in the back. I wonder if that white helmet will fit me?


  1. Don't forget to make it to the Versluis Race tomorrow!!!! Costumes, prizes, racing in the snow ... the way it was meant to be ... well meant to be at a Versluis Snowcross. Bring chili, beers, all for the great party tomorrow. Race starts at 12:30 so be there early!!!!

  2. Great post as always!!! I was very impressed with MC & Co. on that stretch Cannondale. I felt like a bullet train was flying by me all night long.

  3. Dudes! I could b-a-r-e-l-y pry my hands offa the bars when we got back to the park! I got no issues w/ crashin' my own sorry ass but HellKaat (2 a's please!) has proven to be a tad less-than-durable once or twice in the past and I was hellbent on NOT busting anymore of her bones by droppin' that beast on the ice.

    What can I say? We southern-men-of-a-certain-age were just brought up that way, y'know?

    Great to finally get back to CB Central - Sorry I had to run off and miss the post-ride repast. Next time!

    See you Bastards @ the SnowCross, eh?


  4. Sounds like another good one on the frozen tundra. Spinnin' a tandem on that slick stuff takes some serious skilz. Crazy Bastard for sure! Dunno where I been lately, but I haven't been rolling the dirt roads. Hoping to get out again soon...going through some sorta withdrawal.