Thursday, March 1, 2012


Bike lanes? Bike lanes? We don't need no stinking bike lanes?  You have to watch this video, it's hilarious to the point of being ludicrous*

Before I invite you to join me in an Urban ride tonight, I have to tell you that yesterday I got one load of shit from people that knew I was a biker,  telling me what they thought about the new bike lanes going in in Grand Rapids right now. To them they seem useless and out of place, and a waste of the cities money. Frankly, looking at some of the locations that have been picked for bike lanes, I have agree, and while they may look good to you on a bike, they mean absolutely nothing to the idiots that drive in this town. If you didn't know that Grand Rapids was a bike hating town, you will now. There's some pissed off car drivers out there now. All I have to say about the whole thing, is I think it's all ludicrous*.

Let's hope we don't have any incdents if we try an urban Crazy Bastard Ride tonight. Getting tazered in last night was enough!

While I love a good mud ride, riding in a 6-inch deep gumbo maybe just a little too much for even me  to stomach (especially after trashing one entire drivetrain this winter). It was suggested at one of the last "Apres Ride Drinking Session" that we try an urban ride if the roads out in our "Natural Loop" remained too muddy to ride. So I'm proposing that tonight we meet at Founders and do some "Urban Touring".  So lets meet at 6, and give it a try, what do you say? We'll need lights, as always, handmade prison weapons, basically same stuff as usual. I did this last Tuesday by myself in the rain and it was a hoot. Also bring a bike lock in case we stop for refreshments along the way.

Here's a long, boring and British take on Urban Riding. 

The biggest thing I got out of this video was the fact that I don't use the word "Ludicrous" enough. And while "Car Hater" is pretty particular about his roads. I think the whole thing is just ludicrous*.

Here's another Urban Ride of sorts in some place called Canada.

Watch this video (above) an learn not what to wear. I don't care if it does rain tonight, please, now tall rubber boots. Kiddy bikes, or even that 26 that Tony rides are okay.

Yeah Tony, bring this one tonight. At least you won't have to worry about having it stolen.

In case you missed it, here's a dramatic reenactment of me getting tazered before I could ride on a muddy trail or park last night. This may look bad, but it's probably better than the brutal social media blanket party I would have received had I actually "rutted"somewhere out there.

Let me know if you plan on riding tonight, or if you think this ride is just a stupid idea. Like our other rides aren't stupid? Charging the lights now.


  1. The hipster sister Cupcake is in. I've got some new skinny jeans and converse that I want to break in.

  2. Are skinny jeans part of the new Priority Team kit? Do the Converse have carbon soles? I'm thinking maybe you should rock the crosser tonight but there's no sense reasoning with hipsters ... See ya!