Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just one of several beers consumed over the last week while grabbing quick rides around the city. This one was at the Pyramid Scheme, smack downtown, yesterday. $2.50 for Belgium style beer at Happy Hour, not bad.

Like any habitual cyclist I've always have a bunch of excuses ready for practically any occasion. "I haven't been riding enough. I've been riding too much. I've got saddle sores. My bike tan isn't right, it doesn't match the length of my bibs. I pulled a (insert muscle, ligament or tendon here). My wife left the EPO out of the fridge and it all went bad. There's a carbon shortage, how can I ride? The 1,000 spokes I ordered to build the team's wheels haven't come in yet. My coach says I need to (insert appropriate coach direction here: recovery week, interval week, Zone 3 riding, Zone 1 riding, hill repeats, sprint repeats, send him or her a check today). I didn't bring enough GU packs I think I'm going to bonk. I forgot to carb load this week and I'm know I'm going to bonk. I went to stick myself in the thigh with a syringe, took my eyes off the road, hit a pothole, missed my thigh and slammed it into the top-tube, so I'm like, NOT GOOD today. I put my training on hold until I can an electronic-shift, hydraulic brake, carbon bike that weighs under 13 pounds is a reality."

Two that didn't make excuses. Cupcake and Nancy riding the Barry Ruby course this weekend. This looks like the very last of the cold weather - at least for now.

Well here's my excuse for the week:  I have missed several organized rides, including our own ride on Tuesday, because of too much work and not enough time. With the wonderful weather, however, I couldn't resist breaking away for several blasts around the city and up the trail. Early in the week, the weather was so nice I couldn't help myself and I rocked the SS for a change.

If you're riding an SS the best place to stop for a cold one would be Founders.

It was great riding that day, unfortunately mother nature turned on me right after my Founder's stop.

Strange looking clouds, and blue buildings. What did it all mean?

What it meant was that I was about to get my ass soaked to the skin. Welcome, early spring drenching. Glad I got you out of the way.

In addition to my various urban assaults, I was also able to blast up the trail to Rockford on several occasions, once with Adam and Sarah McIntyre.

Sarah' McIntyre's feeble attempt at carb loading on a trail ride this week through Rockford. This is a gelato at Grill 111. I just hope her team doesn't find out and fine her.

The best thing about riding through Rockford. Good things to eat. The bad thing about riding through Rockford. Good things to eat. Yesterday, with warm-warm weather I ventured out on the road bike for a longer-than-usual blast. After running into a few friends including Chris Boer, some other East Hills Riders, and Dave H, I meandered around until the sun was almost down.

The parting shot at the end of the ride last night.

I'm hoping tonight to break away for a ride in the country, but not sure if everyone is up for it - I didn't get a report on whether the roads were dry or not. Anyway, if it's an Urban or Rural ride, I think I've finally got the right bike for any job - it's my "No Excuses" bike. All I want to know who's going to lead me out? And if you do, let me know when you're going to "sit up" or I will literally cut you a new one.
No more of that "on your left shit." I'm coming through. Straight through.

Post up if you'd like to ride through the city or out at Townsend at 6. Now I'm back to playing catch-up. I guess my first thought is Townsend and some dirt. But let us know what you'd like.


  1. The roads were mostly dry and mostly firm on Tuesday. Pressure washers not required. Would love to join in, but like "any habitual cyclist," I "have a bunch of excuses ready:"
    The forecast calls for rain.
    I've ridden 5 out of the last 6 days and need a rest day.
    My butt is sore.
    My legs are heavy with lactic acid.
    But mostly, my kids are here with me till 6:30 so I just can't make the start time.

    Have a good, no, have a GREAT ride!

  2. Another good excuse is that the Spring edition Oreos came out... Now that's my kind of spring training. mmmmmmm...

  3. I wish I had a better excuse than I was in Austria for a week. That's it! Way too much beer and Wineschnitzel! So now I have new one. Way too fat! See ya around when I get back from this crappy trip!